your pieces will be delivered as Priority Mail or Registered Mail. Please tell me if you have particular needs about it. Here below you can find indicative details about delivery time for some different countries:

. Delivery times for Switzerland:

Priority letter / Registered mail (R) - Delivery to domicile addresses: by the next working day Mondays to Fridays (7-day holding period); also Saturdays if the address is a P.O. box

. Delivery times and other details for Europe and other places:

Priority letter / Registered mail (R)

Belgium, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Norway, France (excluding Corsica), Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Austria 2-3 / Italy, Hungary 2-4 days / Australia, Canada 5-7 days / China, Russian Federation, Brazil, New Zealand, Thailand, United States 3-8 days.

for more informations

+ in addition to these delivery time I usually need a couple of days to prepare the package and send it.

. If you are interested in more than one piece, and you want to buy them altogether, please send me an email, so that I will calculate again the total amount, in order to allow you to make a single payment. (and in this way, you will not pay too much for the shipping)