peep inside books (Usborne Children's Books)

This is a new serie from Usborne, for which I am still working.

There's a thing that I have to say, please, spend a little time to read it...

It's about the first book of the serie. Unfortunately it speaks about the zoo, and I can't agree with it. The work that I usually do for books is to draw things that are very carefully written and designed from other persons. This doesn't leave me any freedom in the choice of the contents of the books. In this case I did this book because there was an agreement for the serie, and also because it happened in a very difficult time of my life, and I hadn't the lucidity to refuse. I'm very sorry and I have a deep regret about it. Now I agree with the publisher that I won't draw anymore things linked with the exploitation of other animals, and in one of the last titles some little changes have been already done in this direction. I was very glad to found the two person which I work with in Usborne, very open to my ethical concerns, and I have to thank them a lot.

I would like not to have done it, but I did. So what I can add is that the zoo is not a place where bring children, it seems a nice place (maybe) but it's not fair to force wild animals, and animals in general, to live outside their natural environment, in small or even big cages or enclosures, just for our pleasure. Our pleasure is their pain.
It is not a right way to show animals to children. It's a wrong teaching, we have to teach the respect of any other life, to our children. It's important, for the future of our world.